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NFL Network has excellent news for Pittsburgh Steelers

Will their prediction come to pass?

The Football Feed

The Football Feed

According to NFL Network, the Steelers have what it takes to once again get back into Super Bowl contention. Kyle Brandt opined that they kept the same "formula" that helped Ben Roethlisberger transform into a franchise quarterback with multiple titles, and they can do the same with Pickett. 

"I think the Steelers have this formula when you have a young quarterback... Do not mess the game up for us. Do not lose the game for us," Brandt said. "Roethlisberger tried hard to lose that first Super Bowl that they won, but they won in spite of him. Pickett already gets it."

Meanwhile, Peter Schrager stated that Pickett will soon be joining the likes of the statues enjoyed by Joe Burrow and Super Bowl champion Patrick Mahomes. 

"You fast forward to the end of the season and they’re in a huge Saturday night game on NFL Network and it’s snowy and it’s gross out and it’s Pickett who went six and two to finish the season," Schrager said. "He finished eighth in the NFL in quarterback rating last year. Eighth overall! Pickett was awesome last year down the stretch. So if Tomlin says he’s gonna take a leap from this, I think the sky is the limit. I thought, quietly, in a sea of [Joe] Burrow, [Patrick] Mahomes, Tua [Tagovailoa] talk, all that stuff, Kenny Pickett was awesome down the stretch and did everything he possibly could to solidify himself as the number one guy. And not only in Pittsburgh, but to be a contender."

Steelers fans, are you expecting a return to the postseason this winter?