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Odell Beckham Jr. to Pittsburgh Steelers?

Don't be surprised.

The Football Feed

The Football Feed

Free agent wide receiver Odell Beckham Jr. has yet to be signed by a team, despite having been linked to the Dallas Cowboys on multiple occasions last season. 

But meanwhile, there's on team in particular that ESPN NFL analyst Dan Orlovsky believes that he should land with. According to comments that Orlovsky made during an appearance on "Get Up" earlier in the week, Beckham Jr. should take his talents to the Steel City and join the Pittsburgh Steelers. 

"One, organizational structure, and the head coach knows what he’s doing. There’s a standard, a culture, an everyday expectation he’s gonna walk right into," Orlovsky said about the Steelers signing OBJ. "Two, cheap quarterback with Kenny Pickett right now, you’re trying to build around that because he is cheap and you’re trying to get him to play as well as possible."

"The reason I said Pittsburgh is, you can't compete unless you're explosive offensively in the AFC. You don't have a chance," Orlovsky said. "So, you've got an organization that's rock solid. Head coach is a stud. You've got a cheap quarterback. Then, if you roll that offense out there with Diontae Johnson, [Pat] Freiermuth, [George] Pickens, Najee [Harris], and then Odell."

However, the Steelers didn't send a representative to Beckham's private workout. However, do you agree with Orlovsky that Pittsburgh should take a waiver on him?