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PFF host calls out Steelers QB Kenny Pickett

Does he have a point?

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The Pittsburgh Steelers are continuing forward with quarterback Kenny Pickett, though one notable analyst isn't exactly fond of him.

During an appearance on 93.7 The Fan with Andrew Fillipponi and Chris Mueller, Pro Football Focus’ Steve Palazzolo had some choice words for Pickett. 

In fact, he describes Pickett's performance as being "the complete opposite" of San Francisco 49ers quarterback Brock Purdy, and that his stats are nothing more than "empty calories". 

“Pickett’s much better these last three weeks than he’s been the first four, five, but they’re like empty-calorie throws”, he said. “There’s no freebies. It’s the complete opposite of the 49ers or Brock Purdy offense where it’s just like, ‘Hey, here’s a free 30 yards either on a screen or a wide-open throw over the middle. You just don’t get that from the Steelers”.

“Everything statistically feels bad for Pickett, but I think what they’re asked the do—throwing the ball outside the numbers, these lower-percentage type of throws—I think Pickett’s doing a pretty good job, or at least a better job in these last few weeks”, Palazzolo said. 

Palazzolo also noted that creating offense in Matt Canada's system can be difficult. 

"It’s the opposite of the Kyle Shanahan system where you don’t have to perform at a high level to have gaudy stats. Steelers quarterbacks, it seems over these last couple of years, have to work really hard to have great stats. Usually, you look at the offensive coordinator or the playmakers, and I don’t think it’s the playmakers in Pittsburgh," he said back in August.

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