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Report: Jimmy Johnson back with the Cowboys!

Welcome back to the organization!

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The Football Feed

After a lengthy period of uncertainty that included some verbal jabs, the Dallas Cowboys finally inducted former Super Bowl-winning head coach Jimmy Johnson into their famed Ring of Honor.

And now, he is reportedly back working with the organization, as he said that he is "back in the fold" with the team: 

It wasn't the easiest of splits between head coach Jimmy Johnson and the Dallas Cowboys after it was reported that he wanted more control over personnel decisions - something that team owner and general manager Jerry Jones wasn't willing to relinquish. Johnson was inducted into the Hall of Fame in 2020.

"The two of us were working around the clock, together," he said of Jones in their dynasty years together. "People don't realize the relationship [we have]. Back then, Jerry and I talked every day. Every single day I'd be in his office. And we never really had a disagreement, and that's surprising to a lot of people, but we were always on the same page."

"And probably some of the tension happened there at the end of my career, as far as with the Cowboys, we were so busy going in different directions that we didn't talk as much. My feelings for Jerry have never changed. I love the guy.