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Report: Mike McCarthy “fed up” with Jerry Jones!

Is there a rift between the team owner and head coach?

Michael W.

It appears as though there is a noted rift developing between Dallas Cowboys head coach Mike McCarthy and team owner/general manager Jerry Jones. 

According to an anonymous former Cowboys personnel man via Tyler Dunne of Go Long, people he's spoken with indicate that McCarthy is getting "fed up" with Jones' management style. 

"He's doing it the best he can," he reported. “Some of the people I’ve talked to have said that he’s getting fed up with it a little bit."

“It’s hard. I feel bad for [quarterback] Dak [Prescott]. I think Dak’s a really good quarterback who is capable of taking a team to the Super Bowl. He’s got to overcome a lot of things.”

McCarthy, who was hired by the Cowboys in 2020, has amassed a record of 42-25 but a playoff record of 1-3

The source then added the following caveat that players are more concerned with Jones than they are with McCarthy: 

 “So that means you can get a talented team like they’ve had but they’re going to underachieve when the coaches can’t influence the players the way they need to," he said. 

Considering that the chances of Jerry Jones ever selling the Cowboys for as long as there is air in his lungs are zero, are the days of Mike McCarthy in Dallas numbered? 

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