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Report: Mike Zimmer to replace Mike McCarthy?

That's quite the theory!

The Football Feed

The Dallas Cowboys had major shoes to fill after the departure of defensive coordinator Dan Quinn to the Washington Commanders as head coach, and they filled that role with Mike Zimmer, who previously worked for the franchise in the same role. 

Additionally, the Cowboys are bringing back head coach Mike McCarthy for the upcoming 2024 season in what is the final year of his contract; his future beyond next year remains up in the air. 

According to USA Today, Zimmer has the "inside track" to becoming the next coach of the Cowboys if they decide to part ways with McCarthy after the 2024 season. 

"Zimmer, 67, may see running the defense in 2024 as giving him the inside track on the head coaching position in 2025 if McCarthy leaves.''

It continues: 

"For obvious reasons, Zimmer isn’t going to let on that he’s eyeballing McCarthy’s job,'' the piece reads, adding, "It would be difficult seeing (the Cowboys) hand the keys over to Zimmer in 2025, but that doesn’t mean they didn’t dangle the carrot in their sales pitch.''

There are plenty of Cowboys fans who wanted to see the team move on from McCarthy after their shocking loss to the Green Bay Packers in the NFL Wild Card playoff round. Could Zimmer eventually take over if the Cowboys fall short again next year? 

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