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Rob Gronkowski is tired of constantly seeing Taylor Swift!

Looks like he's not gonna just Shake It Off!

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By now, just about everyone knows that Kansas City Chiefs tight end Travis Kelce is involved with pop superstar Taylor Swift, as she has been seen at his games in a suite with his family on a number of occasions now; the pair have also been seen together multiple times. 

And the NFL is milking that cow for every possible drop, constantly reminding fans of the relationship and never missing an opportunity to show a live shot of Swift or a replay of her reactions to the goings on in the game. 

During an appearance on FanDuel TV’s "Up & Adams" on Wednesday, former Super Bowl champion Rob Gronkowski said what just about all of the rest of us are thinking - we don't need to constantly hear about Swift and Kelce. 

"I would just say ‘Bye, bye, bye.’ It’s just a little bit too much," Gronkowski said.

He then went on to say that broadcasts should be more focused on showing the players on the field and their celebrations.

"That’s my point – show the players, show the players’ celebrations," he said. 

But that doesn't mean that Gronk isn't happy for Kelce and his new flame.

"You know, it's wonderful, he deserves it all," Gronk said of the rumored relationship in an interview with "Entertainment Tonight" on Tuesday. 

"He's had seven 1,000-yard seasons in a row. Wide receivers barely have seven 1,000-yard seasons in a row. He deserves every commercial, and he's a good-looking man, so he deserves any lady that he wants to get. And he can move. Like I said, I had a dance-off with him, and his hips can groove, so it's great to see him doing his thing on and off the field. He deserves it all."

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Source: Fox News