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Rob Gronkowski sounds off on potential NFL return!

Does he have the itch to return?

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It was officially the end of an era as announced last summer for tight end Rob Gronkowski, who said that he was finished in the National Football League after having played 11 years and winning four Super Bowl titles with his friend Tom Brady with the New England Patriots and later the Tampa Bay Buccaneers. 

As everyone remembers, it was Tom Brady who decided to call it a career early last year, only to do a complete 180 and change his mind and return for one final season; it wouldn't be long before his marriage would crumble. There were also rumors and whispers that Gronkowski could elect to try and mount a comeback as well.

However, what is Gronk thinking right now? Don't count on a return to action. 

"There's no chance anymore," he recently explained with regards to a possible comeback. "I'm happily retired."

"I beat my brother, Chris, who plays with pros, and my other brother, Gordon, who plays with pros too!" he said. "And I beat 'em with an average Joe -- my other brother, Glenn G., was my partner!" "So," he added, "I'm happily retired. I'm still competing, I'm still winning, so I don't even need to go back to football."

There you have it. We've apparently seen the last of Rob Gronkowski in the NFL - and it's really too bad, considering that he's one of the most entertaining and fun personalities that professional sports has seen in recent memory! 

Source: TMZ Sports