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Rumor: Jets targeting Ben Roethlisberger?


The Football Feed

It was a long and very fruitful NFL career for Pittsburgh Steelers quarterback Ben Roethlisberger, who has spent the last 18 years wearing the black and yellow while leading his team to two Super Bowl wins. He's also the franchise leader in wins with 165, home wins with 92, and passing touchdowns with 418.

He called it a career earlier last year after 18 NFL seasons, all spent with the Steelers. But is there even the most remote possibility that he could come out of retirement?

Following the shocking injury to New York Jets quarterback Aaron Rodgers this past Monday night at home against the Buffalo Bills that ended his season and potentially put the rest of his career in doubt, Roethlisberger was listed as a "wild card" possibility by ESPN's Jeremy Fowler: 

While this is almost certainly not going to happen, can you imagine just how bizarre it would look on first glance to see the Steelers legend wear different colors? 

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