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Shannon Sharpe blasts Steelers' Diontae Johnson

Harsh words!

The Football Feed

The Football Feed

By new, you've likely seen the footage of Pittsburgh Steelers wide receiver Diontae Johnson appearing to completely give up on a play that has since made the rounds all over social media. 

And while head coach Mike Tomlin has already offered his reaction, Shannon Sharpe is offering a more hostile take.

“Diontae Johnson. Bro, you drop a touchdown, and then you walk off the ball, and the ball is fumbled, and you don’t do nothing," he said. "Man, hell no. Walking off the ball,” Sharpe said, adding that if Rod Smith or Ed McCaffrey did that during his playing days, their offensive line coach would’ve run out on the field and put a “cord” around their neck.

“It’s a bad look because you complaining about the ball, you dropped the touchdown on the drive before! And then you walk off the ball, ok, walking off the ball is bad enough, but then the ball popped out, and you don’t even chase.”

Is Sharpe being too harsh on Johnson, or its the criticism justified? 

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