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Shaun Alexander still bitter over losing to Steelers in Super Bowl XL!

Still drinking the Haterade!

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The Pittsburgh Steelers achieved football's ultimate glory in 2006, defeating the Seattle Seahawks in Super Bowl XL at Detroit's Ford Field to claim their first championship since the 1979 season. 

But according to one notable member of that Seahawks team, they'd have been able to beat the Steelers in 99 out of 100 hypothetical matchups - but it was apparently Pittsburgh's lucky night on that occasion. 

Ex-Seahawks running back Shaun Alexander made an appearance recently on the "Big Al & JoJo" podcast, and said that he and the rest of his Seattle teammates would have won any other matchup against the Steelers aside from the fateful night in February of 2006. 

"If we had played the Steelers 100 times, we probably would've lost one," he said. "And that night, it was the one. We knew they wouldn't be able to play with us if we did three things. Don't turn the ball over, don't have any offensive penalties, and don't let them have any big plays. And if you go in reverse order, 50-yard reverse pass for a touchdown, 80-yard run in the beginning of the third quarter. We knew they wouldn't be able to drive.”

"And then we threw an interception down there in the fourth quarter right before we were going to drive in and take the lead. And we had more penalties in that game than we had all other games that year."

"On one hand, you want to be like, 'Aw, come on refs.' But on the other hand, we played through the refs and we still had a shot, and we didn't bring it home. That was the pain of that game. Here it is 15 years later, you still remember it."

It's clear that the pain of losing to Pittsburgh still weighs on Alexander's mind! 

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