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Skip Bayless insults the Dallas Cowboys over title drought

Two birds with one stone.

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It's no secret that despite their mantra of "America's Team", the Dallas Cowboys have not won the Super Bowl since 1995. Team owner and general manager Jerry Jones has made no bones about the fact that he's not happy with that fact, and he knows that because he's on the wrong side of age 80, time is running out for him to see his team accomplish football's ultimate glory at least one more time in his lifetime. 

In the meantime, sports commentator Skip Bayless had a blunt answer while fielding fan questions as to which NBA franchise would be the equivalent of the Cowboys - a highly valuable and popular team that hasn't won anything of note in quite a while. 

His answer was brutal: 

"The truth is ... there are no NBA Cowboys. (There's) nothing like the Cowboys," Bayless somberly declared. "(They're) the most valuable team in the world, run by the most famous sports owner ever. This team hasn't even made it to its conference championship game in 27 years. The Cowboys are one of one." 

"My Cowboys haven't even been back to an NFC Championship game since January of 1996. That's 27 years ago," Bayless said. "At least LeBron's Lakers won a championship in 2020, odd as it was, (an) asterisk-laden bubble title. Not a really legit championship in my book, but a championship nonetheless."

As much as we may not like his comments, there's unfortunately truth to what he said. How long until the Cowboys are back on top of the NFL world by winning a Super Bowl?