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Steelers confirmed to be thinking major move!

This would be huge.

The Football Feed

The Football Feed

As the Pittsburgh Steelers continue preparations for the upcoming 2023 National Football League Draft, there have been rumors circulating that they could be considering moving up in the proceedings by making a trade. 

As of now, the Steelers hold the No. 17 overall selection, but could be eying the No. 9 overall pick that is currently held by the Chicago Bears.

"Bears - Steelers is possible," explained E.J. Snyder of Windy City Gridiron and Bootleg Football. "They've talked about it, I know they've talked about it. It's by no means assured... they have had that discussion. The most likely connect-the-dots moment is that Pittsburgh needs an offensive tackle, and they go up for one because there’s one they like, and they’ll be gone by the time they pick at 17. [Bears GM, Ryan Poles] knows he needs a lot of players and moving down from nine to 17 still gets him a good one, plus additional picks."

And now, CBS Sports NFL writer Ryan Wilson has confirmed that this is much more than just a simple rumor. 

"There's definitely some truth there, from what I've heard. It's more than just smoke."

Stay tuned, Steelers fans! The NFL Draft will officially get underway from Kansas City, Missouri later this month. 

Source: Twitter