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Steelers fan smacks Jags player who stole his terrible towel!

Don't steal the terrible towel!

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If there wasn't a more serious faux pas against Pittsburgh Steelers fans than this, I'm not sure exactly what would qualify as such.

The Jacksonville Jaguars walked out of Acrisure Stadium victorious this afternoon, winning 20-10 and dropping the Steelers to 4-3. And afterward, safety Andrew Wingard decided to have a little fun at the hands of one Steelers fan near the tunnel toward the locker room. 

The fan responded by delivering a slap to the back of the head of Wingard as he waved the towel: 

And for quarterback Trevor Lawrence, he doubled down on his comment from earlier in the week when he referred to the iconic towels as ”Little yellow towels". 

"Yeah, I heard it," Lawrence said of hearing Steelers fans giving it to him because of the comment. 

"I don't really really care," Lawrence continued. "Fans do that. It's part of what makes this game great. It's fuel. You want to hate your opponent when they come in and make it as hard as possible on them. Totally understand that. I hope our fans do that in Jacksonville, too.

"No problem with that. It was great. I thought we played pretty clean with the noise minus a couple of things. I thought we communicated pretty well. Great environment. The fans were loud. They did a great job, too, but we found a way. It was great." 

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