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Steelers' George Pickens called out by his own coach

Is he a true No. 1 receiver?

Michael W.

The Pittsburgh Steelers are going to be hoping for big things from wide receiver George Pickens this season, but it sounds like he's already being put behind the 8-ball before the year has even started. 

NFL Network analyst Daniel Jeremiah stated on his Move The Sticks podcast that Pickens is at best a No. 2 receiver: 

“I think when you look at George Pickens, I think he best complements as a number two who’s going to give you the big explosives,” he said. “But I think it’s going to be a little bit inconsistent, a little bit up and down. I think he profiles perfectly as a number two receiver there.”

Meanwhile, Pickens is being called out by his new receivers coach Zach Azzanni, who says there is far too much potential for him to be underperforming. 

“It’s right there for him," he said. "He’s got to pick it up, take the cheese, and do the things we ask him to do. He can do anything he wants. He’s that talented... We’ve got a long way to go with everything, but little by little … there are little things I can see. Man, there is so much in there, untapped potential. If we can get him a little bit better, it can be monumental.”

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