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Steelers' George Pickens feeling the heat

Last night did not go according to plan for the host Steelers.

The Football Feed

The Football Feed

Pittsburgh Steelers wide receiver George Pickens didn't have his best showing last night on Thursday Night Football against the visiting New England Patriots, posting 19 receiving yards.

Head coach Mike Tomlin was seen berating Pickens on the sidelines, leading to the following exchange in the broadcast booth:

"Tomlin, I think, has some choice words for Pickens," play-by-play announcer Al Michaels said during the broadcast.

"Yeah, he's just communicating how important it is for him to show some maturity and keep fighting," commentator Kirk Herbstreit responded.

Meanwhile, Diontae Johnson said that he tried to keep Pickens' "head in the game". 

"He’s probably frustrated. My job is just to continue to tell him to keep his head in the game," Johnson said after the 21-18 loss. "You never know when your opportunity is going to come, and you can’t let one bad play define you.

"So I’m always there for him, trying to keep his head in the game and keep his energy up, at the same time we need him. If your energy is down and the ball comes your way, you may not to be able to make a play. But he’ll be fine."

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Source: Fox News