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Steelers legend Ben Roethlisberger blasts Najee Harris

Are you with Big Ben on this one?

The Football Feed

The Pittsburgh Steelers were able to earn a big win yesterday at Acrisure Stadium over the visiting Green Bay Packers, improving their record to 6-3 after a slow start to the season. 

However, there was one play over the course of the game that had Steelers legendary quarterback Ben Roethlisberger upset at Najee Harris, as he vented while viewing the contest alongside Merrill Hoge and “Footbahlin” producer Spence T’eo. 

“Here’s my thing: If Naj doesn’t jump this guy and instead puts his shoulder down and runs the guy over, he gets the first down," Roethlisberger said. "He jumps over him and gets carried, so he loses all his momentum. He’s 250-some pounds. Now that’s a big guy. Go! Run him over! Run that guy over, and you got the first down. Put him down and run him over, and you guarantee the first down. And you avoid this landing right here. Boom!”

Are you with Big Ben on this one?

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