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Steelers OC Matt Canada blows off his critics

He's not interested in the doubters.

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Pittsburgh Steelers offensive coordinator Matt Canada is well aware of the criticism that's been levied against him. But he's got some ammo on his side now, considering that the Steelers have rebounded from a slow start to the season and are now 6-3 through nine games. 

And if you're wondering if he's worried about the outside noise, keep wondering. According to Canada, the only thing that he's worried about is getting the next win. 

"I work for the greatest organization in sports, and all we care about in Pittsburgh is winning," Canada told OutKick's Dan Dakich on Thursday. "We find ways to win, and our guys are doing that. We certainly want to play better every week, we want to score more points every week, we're going to do all those things every week. There's always things we can do better… but bottom line is winning, and we're fortunate to be in a situation where the [team owner] Rooney family cares about winning, [head coach] Mike Tomlin cares about winning, and that's what our players care about, so that's all I'm worried about."

It's a contrast from comments made by Steelers legend Hines Ward, who implied that the Steelers don't have an identity under Canada. 

"Do they want to be a run team? Do they want to be a pass team? Do they want to be a balanced team?" he told Fox News Digital. "I think fans sometimes get frustrated because it shouldn’t be that hard to score points."

Despite their winning record, the Steelers still have the 7th worst scoring offense in the National Football League. Can they improve that stat line as they head into this weekend's matchup against the Cleveland Browns? 

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Source: Fox News