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Steelers OC Matt Canada furious at recent job change report!

So, which is it?

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Last week, it was reported that maligned Pittsburgh Steelers offensive coordinator Matt Canada would be assuming a larger role with the team. Naturally, that was met with plenty of derision from the fan base, most of whom are stunned that he was even retained in the first place for this season.

However, according to Canada himself, that report isn't true and his job will be remaining the same.

“No, nothing at all,” Canada said when asked if there was anything to the report that he'll be seeing his role increase with the Steelers. “I’m the coordinator, and I work with him out there; Sully and I do, I think, a really good job of it if I talk to him on the field. I quickly tell Sully what I said, if we had a meeting, he tells me we want to do a great job of having one voice, but there’s nothing at all changed. Kenny and I have known each other, got a great relationship.”

Meanwhile, quarterback Kenny Pickett addressed those rumors that included Canada working even more closely with him - also saying there was nothing to them.

“No, I mean Coach T addressed that today, and I didn’t know about that until someone brought it up to me,” Pickett said. “I don’t know where that info came from. That’s definitely false. We’re meeting, we’re doing the same routine. You know, we’re maybe meeting a little bit more, but Coach Sullivan is my quarterbacks coach, and we spend a ton of time together, I spend a ton of time together with Coach Canada has we always have been. So, I don’t think anything changed drastically. I’m not sure where that came from, but we’re all collectively working together.”

The Steelers take on the 1-2 Houston Texans tomorrow from NRG Stadium. Can they improve their record to 3-1? 

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Source: Steelers Now