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Steelers requested to make major trade

Could they have one more big move up their sleeve?

Michael W.

The Pittsburgh Steelers have already made some monumental moves this offseason, trading quarterback Kenny Pickett to the Philadelphia Eagles while also allowing Mitchell Trubisky and Mason Rudolph to depart through free agency.

Additionally, they've signed Russell Wilson and Justin Fields in a complete overhaul of their quarterback department. But could they still have a giant move up their sleeve? 

According to former Steelers and NFL executive Doug Whaley, the Steelers ought to swing a major move for San Francisco 49ers star wideout Brandon Aiyuk, who is in the midst of a contract standoff with his current team. 

And the reasoning that Whaley gives is that should they acquire him now, they would have to part with less assets for his services than they would later down the line.

"Before the start of the season is a better chance than before the start of camp," he said. "Now let's put on your John Lynch hat. Why would you trade him now? Wait until camp starts. There's going to be injuries. And guess what? Price just went up. So, that's why from a Steeler standpoint, if you want him, you better get him now, because you're going to have to pay a lot more later."

Steelers fans, how would you like to see Aiyuk in a Pittsburgh uniform? 

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