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Steelers true thoughts on Kenny Pickett leaked

More details are coming out.

Michael W.

The Kenny Pickett era with the Pittsburgh Steelers came to a stunning close this offseason, as he was unceremoniously shipped to the in-state rival Philadelphia Eagles. This move came shortly after the Steelers signed Russell Wilson and Justin Fields; Pickett was reportedly unhappy with the move. 

Journalist Ray Fittipaldo of the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette recently joined 93.7 The Fan to discuss the additional motivations behind the move, and how quickly the Steelers moved to control the narrative behind the stunning turn of events. 

“It definitely does depend on who you’re talking to within that organization,” Fittipaldo said about what story you will get about how Kenny Pickett’s relationship with the Steelers deteriorated. “[There are some] who will have Kenny’s back, and they’ll tell you, ‘Yeah, there were other people in that building who were talking bad about him.’ I don’t know if I want to go as far as character assassination, but the Steelers definitely got their word out there pretty quickly on what they wanted the narrative to be.”

“There are still some people in that building that believe Kenny [Pickett] was better than what he was, in terms of how he handled himself on that exit,” Fittipaldo said. “Then you talk to other people and they’ll swear up and down that Kenny handled the whole thing poorly. Honestly, it just depends on which source you want to talk to inside that building.”

Are the Steelers going to regret moving on from Pickett so quickly, especially if the experiment of Wilson and Fields doesn't work as anticipated? 

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