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Steelers WR coach describes George Pickens' rookie year a failure

Harsh but true?

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Pittsburgh Steelers wide receiver George Pickens was a bright spot for the team last season, racking up 52 receptions for 801 yards and four touchdowns in all 17 games after being selected with the 52nd overall pick of the 2022 Draft. 

But the team is looking for far more from him in his sophomore season, with wide receiver coach Frisman Jackson going so far as to say that Pickens' rookie year was a "failure" on his part along with the young receiver. Boy, talk about a harsh assessment! 

"It has to be a big jump," Jackson said of what he needs to see from Pickens in 2023. "The onus is on me to have him take that next step. That big jump that we are all searching for and want, he's got to be a great player for us." 

"For him to play like he played last year, that's a failure on my part, and that's a failure on his part. And so he's got to play at a great level, the expectation is for him to play at a great level this year." 

Of course, there is still room for Pickens to grow, considering that this upcoming year will only be his second in the National Football League. But is Jackson out of line for saying the numbers he posted last year weren't good enough? Or was it a dose of tough love designed to motivate him? 

One thing is certain - the Steelers will need a huge effort not only from Pickens but from the rest of the team offense as a whole in order to justify the maligned offensive coordinator Matt Canada being retained despite overwhelming negative reception from the fans.

Source: Twitter