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Steelers WR George Pickens angry over being “snubbed”

Does he have a point?

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The Football Feed

Pittsburgh Steelers wide receiver George Pickens was a bright spot for the team last season, racking up 52 receptions for 801 yards and four touchdowns in all 17 games after being selected with the 52nd overall pick of the 2022 Draft. 

But should he have been included in the Pro Bowl? He certainly feels that way.

"Year 2 goals are Pro Bowl, and I feel like last year I feel like I got snubbed," Pickens told Bo Marchionte of "'Cause there wasn't a lot of guys in there at the Pro Bowl that excited me. Then the Super Bowl. The two bowls. A lot of RAC, run after catch. Two bowls for sure."

What is he anticipating in his second NFL season? He has some pretty lofty goals, including actually being voted into the Pro Bowl as well as helping the Steelers to the Super Bowl. 

“Just blessed to have a helmet and be out there running with the guys," he said. "Play in all the games in the season of course and after that 17th game make a run. I was talking with some guys since I’ve been up here working out and stuff and I’m like man I want to make a run. So, after that 17th game I want to be in a position where I contributed and helped the team to put us in a position to make a run at the Super Bowl.”

Steelers fans, do you feel that Pickens was snubbed for the Pro Bowl in his rookie season, and what are the chances that he follows through on his stated goals in the upcoming new season?