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Stephen A. Smith accuses Commanders of racism

That's a serious claim.

The Football Feed

The Washington Commanders officially hired former Dallas Cowboys defensive coordinator Dan Quinn as their head coach, and he's since brought aboard Kliff Kingsbury as the team offensive coordinator. 

And that didn't sit well with outspoken ESPN host Stephen A. Smith, who is essentially accusing the team of racism. 

"It doesn't seem to me there are bonafide football reasons as to why Kliff Kingsbury is the new offensive coordinator for the Washington Commanders,'' Smith said.

"From a historical perspective, we look at a guy like Kliff Kingsbury and you know what we see as black folks? This is the kind of stuff that don't happen for black folks," Smith said on ESPN.

Is Smith implying that the color of Kingsbury's skin the reason why he got the job in Washington over a candidate of color? 

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