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Terry Bradshaw to Dak Prescott: Tell Cowboys “bleep you”

The Hall of Famer comes through with big advice for the Cowboys quarterback.

Michael W.

With the Dallas Cowboys set to enter the season with Dak Prescott playing on the final year of his current contract, speculation remains rampant as to exactly what the plan is moving forward. Right now, there's no talk of a new extension, leading many to worry that he could be playing elsewhere after this season. 

But in the meantime, former quarterback and current NFL Hall of Famer Terry Bradshaw has some valuable advice for Prescott - get nastier. 

"I am a huge Dak Prescott fan," Bradshaw said. "I believe Jerry Jones (team owner) will do anything to win.

"Instead of being so kind and gracious, kind and lovable, I want Dak to go up there and say (bleep) you guys, and (bleep) all of you."

"You have to have some nastiness about you because it will permeate through your entire team."

Bradshaw also questioned the killer instinct that the Cowboys seem to lack.

"When people said we weren't any good anymore, we went out and won two more Super Bowls," Bradshaw explained of his time with the Steelers during his own playing career. 

Is an edge something that the Cowboys need to develop in order to have postseason success? 

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Source: The US Sun