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Tom Brady shares uncensored view of Bill Belichick

Here's what he really thinks.

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Arguably the greatest coach in National Football League history, New England Patriots head coach Bill Belichick is a notorious stickler and known for his gruff and no-nonsense attitude when it comes to both his players and media members. 

But it was the duo of Belichick and quarterback Tom Brady that delivered one of the great eras of dominance in the NFL with multiple division championships, Super Bowl appearances, and Super Bowl victories. But did their relationship begin to sour in later years and after Brady's departure from New England to join the Tampa Bay Buccaneers? 

According to Brady, not at all. He stated that the legendary coach "was one of the first people to text me after we won the Super Bowl in Tampa."

"He very much trusted what I was out there doing in the field, and it went both ways," Brady said in an interview to ESPN. "Ultimately our success was because so many people in the organization, as coach Belichick always said, 'Do your job,' and I did as quarterback and leader."

"Were there times where you know it wasn’t always eye to eye? Very few and far between, actually,” Brady said.

"I was very fortunate to play with him and be a member of those teams,” he continued. “With him and his leadership and his ability to coach and put our team in a great position to succeed, I think we had a great relationship."

“I think we always had a great amount of respect for each other, and I think as time goes by we’ll have more respect for one another because there will be more perspective on those things."

Brady will be honored by the Patriots at Gillette Stadium prior to a game in the upcoming 2023 NFL season. 

Source: Fox News