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Tom Brady tears up when discussing Bill Belichick

His emotion was visible.

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The Football Feed

Arguably the greatest coach in National Football League history, New England Patriots head coach Bill Belichick is a notorious stickler and known for his gruff and no-nonsense attitude when it comes to both his players and media members. 

But it was the duo of Belichick and quarterback Tom Brady that delivered one of the great eras of dominance in the NFL with multiple division championships, Super Bowl appearances, and Super Bowl victories.

Brady, who will be honored at New England's Gillette Stadium prior to a game this upcoming season, teared up when he was talking about Belichick in the latest episode of his podcast. 

“I think it’s more what did he not do to bring out the best in me, you know? Everyone always says I was very lucky, I mean part of it you know I came into my career and got drafted by the Patriots. 

I was always joking I had no f*cking idea where New England was when I got drafted. I mean I flew into Providence which really confuses you when you’re coming from the West Coast, because I’m like Boston, oh Providence, and you know it was coach Belichick’s first year there, and you know we came in together, and I always think for so many young players, you know who’s going to be there? 

Anybody could get drafted to a place, who’s going to turn you into something? Who’s going to develop you? Who’s gonna take you under their wing? And sometimes it’s a player that does it, and I definitely had a lot of players do that, and obviously I had someone that really saw something in me.” 

It's clear that Brady still has fond feelings of the legendary head coach.

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Source: FanSided