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Tony Romo sounds off on Dak Prescott

From one Cowboys franchise QB to another.

The Football Feed

The Football Feed

Former Dallas Cowboys quarterback Tony Romo now makes his living as an NFL analyst, and he’s known for his astute commentary.

It wasn't long ago that he certainly wasn't shy about offering criticism for Prescott's play in a season that saw him toss a career high in interceptions. And while Romo is still in Prescott's corner, the former stated plainly that it's Prescott's job to overcome those struggles if he intends on being a true franchise quarterback. 

“It’s learning, evaluating,” Romo said on Thursday at the annual Invited Celebrity Classic golf tournament. “The year you have the most interceptions, sometimes you have three other years that could have been right around that [high number]. But you have four balls dropped in two games that were easy interceptions, but they didn’t catch them.

“And there were years like the year I had the most [interceptions], six balls you could say should have been caught by our team and so that still falls on you. That’s why you play quarterback because it’s your job to overcome it.”

Prescott has two years remaining on his current already hefty contract, and team owner and general manager Jerry Jones has made no secret that he hopes to have Prescott around for the long haul.