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VIDEO: Jerry Jones interacts with Eagles fans

He's a brave man!

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Well, it often takes a brave individual to try an interact with the absolutely rowdy and often volatile fan base of the Philadelphia Eagles, especially on their own home field. However, that's exactly what Dallas Cowboys owner and general manager Jerry Jones did prior to today's game at Lincoln Financial Field. 

Emerging from the tunnel, Jones stopped to shake hands with more than a few individuals on the sidelines, as several Eagles fans were seen shouting at him from their seats further away. 

Take a look: 

Jones previously stated earlier in the week that today's matchup between his Cowboys and the Eagles is essentially a playoff game, and that's how he's viewing it.

 "It is obvious," Jones said. "It has everything to do with our standings. This isn't about measuring sticks right here. There's a time when you have to quit measuring, and just try to go get the win. Because the win itself means so much. The win. Not the measuring stick."

Today's game between the Cowboys and Eagles will be getting underway shortly from Lincoln Financial Field in Philadelphia.

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