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Ex-NFL LB Emmanuel Acho takes a shot at Steelers

He accuses the Steelers of being quarterback killers!

Michael W.

The Pittsburgh Steelers are entering the 2024 season with a completely new-look offense, as quarterbacks Russell Wilson and Justin Fields are now part of the team, and they'll be working with new offensive coordinator Arthur Smith, who was hired as the full time replacement for Matt Canada. 

It was part of a massive overhaul of the quarterback position by the Steelers, who traded Kenny Pickett to the Philadelphia Eagles while also allowing Mason Rudolph and Mitchell Trubisky to depart via free agency. But in the words of one former NFL linebacker, Pittsburgh is essentially a quarterback graveyard. 

While speaking on the Fox 1 Sports show SPEAK, Emmanuel Acho referenced several quarterbacks who didn't enjoy the same fortunes as franchise legends like Ben Roethlisberger and Terry Bradshaw. 

"Pittsburgh is where quarterbacks go to die. I didn't want to do this because I didn't believe it until I started talking through it. Byron Leftwich, Mike Vick, their careers, they came to an end in Pittsburgh." Acho stated. "Charlie Batch, his career came to an end in Pittsburgh. Dennis Dixon, his career came to an end in Pittsburgh. Kenny Pickett, his career as a starter came to an end in Pittsburgh. Mitch Trubisky, his career as a starter came to an end in Pittsburgh. Mason Rudolph, his career came to an end in Pittsburgh." 

It's true that other quarterbacks have failed to live up to expectations in Pittsburgh, but it would be incorrect to immediately attempt to write off both Wilson and Fields before they've taken a single official snap in game action with the team.

Can the new duo for the Steelers prove Acho wrong? 

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