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Pittsburgh Steelers players reveal dietary secrets

Who's hungry?

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Nutrition is one of the most important aspects of being a professional athlete, and NFL players are certainly no exceptions. What they decide to ingest into their bodies goes a long way in how they perform on the field, and it's no wonder why teams these days employ the use of what amounts to a culinary army in order to ensure that the players are getting the best nutrition possible. 

Wide receiver Calvin Austin III said that he prefers the use of smoothies, and drinks at least three of them per day.

“You burn a lot of calories, so it is very important to fuel your body and take care of yourself,” Austin said. “You have to be thinking ahead to the next day and come back strong, which helps prevent injuries and has you at optimal performance.”

“We burn so many calories at camp, so eat as much as you can,” he said. “Even just standing out there in the heat, you burn calories.”

For quarterback Kenny Pickett, he prefers a Buffalo chicken quesadilla.

“I grew up a maintenance worker at a beach club, and that was my go-to lunch order,” Pickett said. “I have kind of kept it the same ever since.”

For long snapper Christian Kuntz, he sticks with the basics. 

“At lunch, I try to go with chicken and rice or fish and rice or potatoes,” he said. “And I like vegetables — asparagus and carrots are my favorites. They do a good job with nutrition here. They have everything you would want.”

Cornerback Patrick Peterson is like most of us - he has a sweet tooth. 

“I have a sweet tooth in the back of my mouth that gets called on, especially during camp,” Peterson said. “But usually I tend to go with chicken and a salad for lunch. I try to keep it light so when I am out on the field I have my best mobility.”

Source: Trib Live